Top Crypto Exchanges in 2024

Top crypto exchanges in 2024

In the arena of digital assets, cryptocurrency is very popular. Cryptos work like traditional fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency made like working as a medium of exchange. It is working on Blockchain Technology which means any central authority, a Bank, or any Government. It is on a Public ledger and written in encrypted form. Cryptocurrency does not exist in physical form. It is opposite to Central Bank Digital currency because it operates decentralized. These digital currencies are traded on exchanges. Exchanges where crypto is bought sold and holds cryptos. Today we are discussing the Top Crypto Exchanges in 2024, Criteria for selected exchanges, beginners crypto exchanges, trading exchanges, and much more.

Importance of Choosing the Right Crypto Exchange

In the evolving world of crypto choosing the right and user-friendly crypto exchange for trading is very crucial. So, choosing the right crypto is very important for investors, users, and the overall cryptocurrency market. If you fail to choose the right digital assets exchanges then you lose your time, money, energy, and your mental health.

Basis of Selecting a Safe Crypto Exchanges in 2024

Secure Crypto Trading

Security should be your top priority while you are selecting a Crypto Exchange. With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, exchanges become lucrative options for hackers. Hackers steal funds easily if your crypto exchange lacks security measures. Here some security features are:

    • Check your crypto exchange should provide 2 Factors Authentication features in your account login access.
    • The second one is Cold Storage wallet a reputable crypto exchange that always keeps their user’s funds in Cold storage wallets which are less susceptible to hackers.
    • Always check that your crypto exchange complies with the rules and regulations of your country’s laws.
    • Some Digital assets exchanges provide Insurance in case of security breaches. This is a valuable safety option.

Check Reputation and Reliability

Before entering into any crypto exchange with your hard-earned money check its reputation and trust. Make some depth analysis and research about previous track records. Check social media platforms for user feedback. Find out exchanges that are working smoothly. Stay away from those exchanges that did not resolve customers’ queries or security breaches.

Seamless UI/UX

Seamless and smoothen User interface is very important when you are new to cryptocurrency trading. It increases your great user experience. Consider some points for a smooth User Experience:

  • The platform should be easy to use and not difficult to navigate.
  • Exchange should provide cryptos in which you want to trade.
  • The platform should be mobile phone app accessibility.


Exchange earns revenue through charging fees in various ways. Like charges levied on withdrawal, trading fees maintenance costs, and many other charges. Here are some fee-related factors to be considered.

    • Check Trading fees are competitive if you are specially entered for trading.
    • You should also consider the deposit and withdrawal fees of such expenses.
    • Beware of hidden fees that may not be disclosed in the exchange fees schedule.

Customer support in crypto

In the world of cryptos, issues can arise at any time. Helpful and valuable customer support is valuable to encountering problems or having questions. Check the customer response options, time, and availability. Look for an exchange that offers multiple ways of resolving issues like email, chat, calling, etc.

List of Top Crypto Exchanges in 2024

The list of Top Crypto Exchanges in 2024 Ranked By Volume according to Coinmarketcap –

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  3. Kraken
  4. Gemini
  5. OKX
  6. Robinhood
  7. KuCoin
  8. Bitstamp
  9. Upbit
  10. Bitfinex

Best Crypto Exchange For Beginners

Top Crypto Exchanges

Here are the best Crypto exchanges that are suitable for Beginners. These are Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and Bittrex. These are exchanges where Top cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and USDT are traded in large volume. We discuss important features of these Exchanges.


Coinbase is a famous cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to purchase cryptos with fiat currencies like USD or EURO. This is US US-based exchange founded by Brian Armstrong a former Airbnb Engineer and Fred Ehrsam, a former Goldman Sachs trader. This exchange engaged with 100 Million users in 100 countries. Coinbase offers Crypto to crypto trading.

The main features of this exchange are:

  • Nearly 250 cryptos are traded including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Solana, Ripple, Dogecoin, XRP, Litecoin, Avalanche, and SHIBA.
  • It provides you Crypto Debit card, an NFT marketplace.
  • It’s another feature of the Trading fees subscription model. In this Coinbase Traders enjoy as much trading for free via purchasing a Subscription Like paying 30 Dollars per month, traders enjoy no-fee trades on up to 10,000 Dollars in monthly trades.
  • Coinbase provides Web3 which expanding universe of decentralized applications.
  • Coinbase provides DApps across nine blockchains, including Ethereum, Base, Polygon, and Solana.


Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. It mainly focuses on Altcoins. Binance also offers crypto-to-crypto trading. In Binance more than 350 cryptocurrencies are traded. Changpeng Zhao is the founder of Binance. Binance has its blockchain-based token called BNB. Binance operation is limited in some countries due to regulations.

The main features of this exchange are :

  • All Altcoins are traded in huge volumes for unlimited trading.
  • Binance provides services in trading, listing, de-listing, and withdrawal services.
  • Binance also offers a site called LaunchPad for hosting new and emerging blockchain projects and API interfaces.
  • Binance is used by millions of people and it also provides crypto to crypto trading.
  • Binanance also provides services like lending, earning, smart pool, etc.


Kraken is also USA USA-based crypto exchange founded in 2011. It is the first-ever crypto exchange for Bitcoin. It was founded by Jesse Powell an alumni of the State University of California. Kraken traded in more than 200 cryptos. Kraken is the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange which trades 333 Million Dollars. The main features of Kraken Exchange are :

  • Virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs are traded on Kraken.
  • It launches margin trading facilities and dark pool services.
  • Kraken offers dynamic investing options.
  • It has the lowest trading fees in the market.

Best Crypto Exchange for Trading

As the crypto market grows popularity of cryptocurrency is also rising in the market. Initially, Cryptocurrencies were known to a small population. However, in the last five years, awareness regarding crypto has increased. A significant portion of the mass is now informed about cryptos. Now, everyone has developed an interest in crypto trading. Telegaon analyzed the market and identified some of the best crypto exchanges country-wise for trading, which are listed below.:

Best Crypto Exchange in the US 2024

Bitcoin US

Bitcoin US is a subsidiary of Binance Market Ltd. in the United States. It is one leading exchanges in the US for low trading fees. Traders do not need to pay fees for trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also gives an option that if you paid trading fees on Binance token BNB token then you will receive a discount of 25%.


Coinbase is also the second leading exchange of Cryptos. It is also many users’ choice for trading. Coinbase also trades in top-notch cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano.Coinbase charges 0.5% Fees on tradings. Coinbase advance trade option cost is 1.99 Percent.

e Toro

e Toro is another modern exchange in which 80 tokens are present for trading. In this crypto including Tezos, Uniswap, and Polygon would not be found on a traditional exchange. This Exchange fee structure is simple. It charges only a 1% Fee.

Best Crypto Exchange in the UK 2024


Uphold is one of the leading exchanges in the UK in 2024. It is an expert in trading Altcoins. It also deals in giant coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and popular meme coins, DeFi coins, and Stablecoins. Uphold charges on various things but not for trading. But it charges 0.8 %-1.2% on popular coins. Uphold is famous for its Transparency. Uphold platform offers stock and commodities trading.


Gemini is another popular Crypto exchange for UK users. It was launched in 2014. It’s famous for its security standards and trustworthiness. It provides all facilities for its users like cold storage, and 2-factor authentication for enhancing the safety of funds. Gemini has a very simple User Interface. It charges a maximum of 1.49% on trading but free deposits and withdrawals in GBP. Users prefer Gemini due to its top-notch safety standards.


CoinJar was established in 2013. It is an efficient crypto broker and exchange for traders in the UK and Europe. CoinJar is easy to use and it is known for its straightforward approach. It is user user-friendly Digital asset Exchange available on the web, and apps whether Android or iOS. A flat commission of 1% on buy and sell orders with competitive fees. Deposit methods available are Bank transfer (ACH), debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Bottom Line

In the end, We can say that choosing the Top Crypto Exchanges in 2024 depends on your requirements. It is individual-specific. If someone wants massive trading they choose a crypto exchange in which trading fees are nominal. Selection of any crypto exchange would be fruitful if you research in depth before investing on the above basis. Cryptocurrency is a powerful weapon in the sector of Finance. In the upcoming world crypto is the future and exchange is the home of Crypto. So at the time of investing in crypto be careful!

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